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Welcome to the sheet music selection of QSQ. Our sheet music ist sent to you electronically in PDF format. This enables you to print at home at your own discretion.

Many pieces are available, we try to make other wishes possible. You will be familiar with our repertoire, so you know that a certain amount of good musicianship (including improvisation) is expected. If you check the audio section and listen to the pieces, you will have an idea what the pieces entail.

Please note: Some of the pieces come without a score, these are marked accordingly. Unless indicated, the arrangements are for s/a/t/t/b. We hope you enjoy practising and performing the pieces. The sheet music will be sent by email

Please take in to consideration: This is not an automated shop!
The sheet music could take at least a day to reach you, depending on what Anatole and Andreas are doing- we might even be on tour somewhere. Thank you.

• 25 Plus - An adaptation of the 25th Symphony by W. A. Mozart, arr. Uli Lettermann
Difficulty level 4-5 Duration: 4’40”

An impressive, speedy rendering of Mozart’s 25th Symphony. An hommage to syncopation, demanding precision and also improvisation in all voices except baritone. We love playing this.

• Vivaldi's Seasons s/s/a/t/b (no scores) by A. Vivaldi, arr. Uli Lettermann
Difficulty level 4-5+ Duration: 47’

Vivaldi’s wonderful suite of 4 triads, here in a unique and brilliant arrangement by Uli. The tonal qualities are enriched by the usage of two soprano saxophones. A magnificent piece of music which, through the usage of modern rhythms and improvisational passages becomes a very attractive piece also for the listener with less experience in classical music. A winner. Each season can also be bought separately, if requested. The best rendering is on our DVD “Vivaldi’s Seasons”

• Beethoven Fifth Symphony Renovated - L.v. Beethoven, arr. Uli Lettermann
Difficulty level 5, Duration: 42’

Recorded on the CD “Beethoven Renovated”, this arrangement is simply fantastic. It would fill a first half of a programme, offering a demanding experience for the musicians and a enthralling experience for the audience. Includes all 4 movements and has improvisational sections.

• Toccata & Funk & Chorale by J.S. Bach arr. Uli Lettermann
Difficulty level 4-5 Duration: 6’37”

A masterpiece of world music literature. Spiced up in the QSQ way with a groovy solo section for tenor sax and finishing up with a wonderful chorale to show the audience what Bach did best. This is a great piece with a slow build-up, top tones and a grande finale. The audience will never forget this experience.

• Figaro’s Divorce - W.A. Mozart, arr. Uli Lettermann
Difficulty level 5+ Duration 5’14”

Another tune recorded on “Moving Mozart”, a tongue-in-cheek arrangement taking the overture from the opera “The Marriage of Figaro” to higher, contemporary levels (hence the divorce…). Modern rhythms and speedy, flowing lines make for a hefty divorce. Contains alto and tenor improvisation sections.

• Fudge Fugue (Kleine Fuge in G-moll) by J.S. Bach, arr. Uli Lettermann
Difficulty level 4-5 Duration 2’50”

The ultimate signature tune of the ensemble. Played before millions of spectators in 2000 in Leipzig, this has remained one of the most demanded pieces of our repertoire. Clicked nearly 300,000 times on YouTube, we love this piece by our favourite composer, Mr. J.S. Bach.

• G Minor Symphony - by W.A. Mozart, arr. Uli Lettermann
Difficulty level 5 Duration 5’ 49”

Mozart wrote such wonderful melodies, giving us plenty of material to play with. Such is this piece, a playful, rhythmical fireworks display retaining the magic of the original and bringing us down to earth with a crash.

• Eine Kleine Nachtmusik rondo/allegro - by W.A. Mozart, arr. H. Salzmann
Difficulty level 5 Duration 5’

Recorded on “Moving Mozart”, this well-executed piece of one of Mozart’s evergreens was a long-time favourite of the ensemble. We recommend you play it a lot faster, about 200 bpm. It rockets along and certainly is highly enjoyable for all.

• Pupa’s Rhapsody by Uli Lettermann
Difficulty level 3+ Duration: 5’00”

A soft piece with intricate rhythmical figures and a solo section for soprano. This piece was recorded on “Pupa’s Rhapsody”.

• Nur Mut, Hartmann - by Uli Lettermann
Difficulty 3 Duration 3’25”

Originally written for Hartmut, the first alto-player. A comfortable, easygoing groovy piece featuring the alto on improvisation.

• Wachet Auf! by J.S. Bach, arr. Uli Lettermann
An eloquent arrangement that overcomes any other arrangement written for saxophone quintet. Finest music in a fine setting bringing the 1st tenor to the fore. Great stuff.

• Take Five by D.Brubeck, arr. Andreas Menzel
Difficulty level 4 Duration: 3’36”

A whole new approach to this renown piece of Jazz literature. Great build-up to a solid groove carrying the melody over the solo part for tenor sax. Fascinating new harmonised melodies and a suitable ending for a tune that earns respect.

• Quintessence Goes Pop - written by Uli Lettermann
Difficulty level 4 (without the dancing) Duration 4’ 8”

The ensemble that wanted to become a boy group. Relive the magic moments of the band in its younger years… This is a novel piece featuring a strong melody to get the audience clapping along. A bit of choreography in the middle and solos for the first alto and a short baritone feature.

• Rondo alla Turca, a little bit blue by Mozart, D. Brubeck arr. Hartmut Salzmann
Difficulty level 4-5 Duration: 3’50”

A catchy melody intwined with the Brubeck melody in a masterful arrangement by Hattu. Entertaining and demanding virtuosity. A great piece to break the ice get the audience captivated.

• Re(e)daction - written by Hartmut Salzmann a/a/t/t/b
Difficulty level 3 Duration: 2’50”

A groove number off “Pupa’s Rhapsody” to get the ensemble swinging those 16th notes on top of a punchy bari line. Features easy chords to let the tenor player blow his mind.

• Präluditom by Uli Lettermann a/a/t/t/b (no score)
An early piece dedicated to Tom, the previous 2nd tenor player, by Uli. Features the 2nd tenor, of course.

• Childy - by Tom Göstemeier
Difficulty level 3+ Duration: 3’50”

A lighthearted piece with an easy-going solo section for tenor. This piece was recorded on “Pupa’s Rhapsody”

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