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Organic - The organ meets the saxophone
Quintessence Saxophone Quintet featuring Harduin Boeven - Organ

For many centuries, the sound of the organ has been perceived as a tremendous and overwhelming experience - It is, justifiably, the Queen of Instruments. In modern times, the saxophone has developed a powerful and energetic sound and clearly surpasses all other instruments with its expressive capabilities, being very similar to the human voice.

Now we have succeeded in combining the sound spectra of both instruments: The organ meets saxophone quintet! Live and on CD.

In this unique symbiosis, the saxophone quintet acts as an additional register of the organ, a combination of power that shakes the ground and raises the pulse. Seeing as the players of Quintessence Saxophone Quintet use modern mouthpieces, their powerful contemporary sound blends remarkably well with the organ. Close your eyes and hear it yourself.

Vivaldi, Handel, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Mendelssohn-Bartholdy would be delighted, we are sure of that.

Live performances can be booked, for enquiries email us.

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